Bishop Bloomer is one of the most Spiritually Empowering Evangelists I have ever know. His words inspire me to take authority over what God has given me!
Marcus – San Antonio, TX


A word of faith was spoken over my life by Bishop Bloomer that I would conceive and a year later I have one of the most precious babies God could have given!
Tasha- Orlando, FL


Bishop Bloomer prophesied that money cometh to me and 2 weeks later I received a check in the mail that change my whole life financially.
Shannon- Biloxi, MI


Demonic Oppression has ran rampant in my family for years reading Bishops book More of Him and attending his Warfarecology Conference I’m walking in Spiritual Freedom and my family as well!
Antonio – Baltimore, MD


Today is the Beginning of the Rest of my Life! is Bishops Slogan it’s something I repeat daily it reminds me that everyday is a blank slate make it what I want it to be!!!
Stacey – Pittsburgh, PA