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"Bishop George Bloomer's SPECIAL Offer"

With your ministry gift of $30 "to help preach the gospel" you will receive Bishop Bloomer's brand NEW Book "Break Loose" and "companion DVD "Setting the Captives Free" OR "With your ministry gift of just $60 sown "into the fertile soil of Bishop Bloomer's worldwide ministry, YOU WILL ALSO receive "in addition to his new book "Break Loose" and companion DVD, his timely book for everyday living "Warfare Scriptures At A Glance" AND "Everyone who sows a seed of $100 or more in ADDITION TO THESE RESOURCES will also receive Bishop Bloomer's NEW "INSTANT REFERENCE BIBLE" as a treasured keepsake What amount is the Lord leading you to sow today?"


Today is the Beginning of the Rest of my Life! is Bishops Slogan it’s something I repeat daily it reminds me that everyday is a blank slate make it what I want it to be!!!
Stacey – Pittsburgh, PA